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ALTOS© Contract Announcement

July 08, 2011


Spectrum Systems, Inc. announces today that it has acquired a commercial client for its ALTOS© suite of tools for automated conversion of applications from MCP ALGOL to C++/UNIX/WINDOWS. The client, a major financial institution, will be utilizing ALTOS to convert and use a mission-critical application that consists of more than 1 Million lines of ALGOL code.

 Spectrum’s CEO Dr. Yuri G. Rabinovitch says “This contract is an important validation of our technology maturity, performance, and reliability. The client has chosen ALTOS© as the result of a very competitive and in-depth evaluation process.  We look forward to helping this client realize very significant cost and time savings while preserving all the knowledge and intellectual property invested by the client over many years into its mission-critical legacy application.”

 About Spectrum Systems, Inc. and its ALTOS© suite.

 Spectrum Systems, Inc. is a software development and IT services company that has been serving clients in the financial and telecommunication industries since 1994. Spectrum Systems’ ALTOS© MCP ALGOL to C++/UNIX/WINDOWS automated conversion technology tools and conversion methodology is the best product currently available on the market to convert UNISYS/MCP/ALGOL - based systems to C/C++ on UNIX or WINDOWS running on commodity servers. The ALTOS© suite includes ALGOL to C++ Converter, and multi-platform C++ run-time libraries and header files to use with converted code on target platform(s). Converted systems can run on UNIX or Windows platforms.

As proven by our experience of using ALTOS© to convert millions of lines of complex ALGOL code, more than 99.5% of the code is converted automatically, including complex, system-dependent features such as events, processes, etc. Converted code is instrumented for detailed logging/tracing/statistics collection, and converted system’s performance is on par, or better than the original ALGOL system’s performance.

 Brief description of ALTOS©' capabilities may be found here:

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