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Spectrum Systems, Inc. and Inventigo, LLC. partner up on delivering high-performance, flexible XML processing solutions for financial applications

March 1st, 2012


Riverwoods, Illinois - Spectrum Systems, Inc. and Inventigo, LLC. announce today that they have entered into a strategic partnership with the goal of delivering solutions for financial institutions that require flexible processing of large XML payloads in near-real time fashion. The synergy between Inventigo's unique, patented XML processing platform and Spectrum's expertise in large-scale messaging systems development provides opportunities for implementing solutions with high performance and reliability characteristics, as well as fast time-to-market that the financial industry requires.

Dr. Yuri G. Rabinovitch, founder and CEO of Spectrum Systems, Inc., says "Inventigo's efficient, flexible XML processing platform offers significant performance improvements in comparison with generic SAX and DOM XML parsers. The Inventigo’s unique approach to generating custom streaming parsers which embed concurrent XML message processing components based on visual annotations of XML schema, paves the way for speedy development and easy maintenance of mission-critical applications that have to process large volumes of XML messages while adhering to rules that can change over time. XML message signing, data-driven validation against multiple rule sets, legacy application conversion for dealing with new data formats are just some of the most obvious applications for this technology.”

Michael Gurevich, founder and CEO of Inventigo, added "We are very pleased with the partnership. The Inventigo platform's ability to efficiently overlap parsing with invocation of business logic, and Spectrum's core expertise in messaging systems development and legacy messaging systems conversion open up new ways to respond to growing demands for solutions requiring processing of large XML payloads at scale and near-real-time.”

About Spectrum Systems, Inc.:

Spectrum Systems, Inc.'s (www.spectrsys.com) core expertise is in the areas of large-scale messaging system development and legacy systems conversion. Its ALTOS© suite of UNISYS ALGOL to UNIX/WINDOWS/C++ conversion tools has been used successfully to convert mission-critical, large - scale legacy financial applications to work on modern platforms.

About Inventigo, LLC.:

Inventigo, LLC. (www.inventigo.com) specializes in technology assessment advisory services and in developing innovative software solutions. Our advisory practice provides independent, objective and actionable advice to enterprises that seek to achieve and sustain competitive advantages by acquiring or developing innovative technology solutions. Our complimentary software development practice leverages an extensive portfolio of innovative and patented products to help our clientele with developing solutions that address challenging technical requirements.


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