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Opening up ALGOL code and gradual migration of Unisys legacy applications

February 1st, 2015



Spectrum Systems, Inc. announces availability of a solution (based on our ALGOL conversion tool – ALTOS) that efficiently addresses opening up ALGOL code, and helps Unisys clients to gradually rely more on Forward! by Unisystm platform, or another Linux platform.

While working with large applications we often observed that though legacy ALGOL - based systems work fine, they are quite difficult to expand or modify. On the one hand, short supply of ALGOL expertise makes it difficult to make changes in ALGOL code. On the other hand, big differences between programming conventions and platform specifics make it difficult to develop new functionality in C/C++/Java and integrate it with ALGOL programs.

The same problems make it difficult to migrate applications components from MCP to Linux/Windows on Forward! by Unisystm platform, or to other platforms.

Spectrum's ALTOS - based solution allows to automatically replace any selected procedure in ALGOL program with a harness for invocation of a C++ or Java program that substitutes/modifies that ALGOL procedure’s functionality. The tool provides for automatic parameters and return values transformation, and a mechanism for data exchange. ALTOS automatically generates C++ program that is functionally equivalent to the procedure in ALGOL source. This program may be used as-is, or serve C++/Java developers as a reference for further modifications. ALTOS generates C++ code that is efficient, easy to read, and preserves in C++ code all original comments, names, and data flows from the ALGOL source program.

Please find more information here:

Gradual Migration and Integration of ALGOL code



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