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ALTOS: Release 2.3 supports big data processing with Apache Cassandra

June 1st, 2016


Supporting migration of DMSII persistence layer to Apache Cassandra in the latest ALTOS release opens new opportunities for Unisys applications owners to take advantage of the best "big data" processing tools, and offers the following advantages in comparison with traditional RDBMS-based approaches:


1)  Often, Cassandra data model is a better fit than relational databases for transformed COBOL applications, because Cassandra offers hybrid data model between key-value pairs and column-oriented data sets, which matches DMSII-COBOL logic much better than RDBMS data scheme.


2)  Data replication with Cassandra works much faster than with any RDBMS, and allows for very sophisticated logical tuning.


3) Cassandra supports up to 2 billion columns per record;


4) Cassandra is cross-platform, offering API in Java, C++, Go, Python, Scala and other programming languages;


5) Cassandra is written in Java, and works equally well on all modern operating systems.


“With the new version of our best on the market legacy applications modernization solution and experience of migrating large, mission-critical systems in the financial industry, we are glad to bring the support for big data processing with Apache Cassandra. This capability is requested by our largest customers, and it allows us to push database sizes and performance level of renovated Unisys applications to the next level” - said Yuri Rabinovitch, the CEO of Spectrum Systems.

ALTOS Release 2.3 with support for big data processing uisng Apache Cassandra is available immediately.


ALTOS Release 2.3


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