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Our Expertise

We have proven expertise and provide products and expert consulting resources in the following technology areas:

* UNISYS/ALGOL/COBOL and IBM COBOL Application Modernization. Our patent-pending Automated ALGOL to C++ and COBOL to Java Conversion tool (ALTOS) and conversion methodology is the best solution to convert UNISYS and IBM ALGOL/COBOL - based applications to C++/Java on UNIX, Linux, or WINDOWS running on commodity servers. Our commercial clients have successfully used ALTOS  to convert and put in production very large, mission critical high-availability applications.

* Information Security including: Secure Messaging, Identity Management, Secure Data.  We offer unique expertise that are required to help financial enterprises to implement solutions based on 3SKey - SWIFT's new security token and infrastructure.

* Distributed Systems development. We offer solutions for XML message signing, data-driven validation against multiple rule sets, legacy application conversion for dealing with new data formats, based on unique, patented XML processing platform.

* Financial Telecommunications, including SWIFTtm - based financial data exchange solutions

* IT lifecycle management, including project management methodologies, quality management frameworks, and security control frameworks

* EAI and Legacy Integration

* Compliance assessment and remediation (with regard to SOX, GLBA, and other pertinent legislations)

* ROI and Market Analysis

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