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IT Lifecycle Management

A key to project success

So often projects are started with optimism and end in failure. They are typically late, over budget, do not deliver the functionality expected, and suffer from inadequate quality. The business suffers from lack of technology enablement. IT suffers from loss of credibility and relevance. It does not need to be this way. We provide our clients with the ability to better manage challenging projects from the beginning to the end, including the ongoing enhancement and maintenance cycle of a product or system. Our track record of working on difficult projects has provided us the experience to help our clients improve their IT lifecycle, including project management, requirements and architecture definition, systems development and integration, technology management, and quality assurance. We work with clients to introduce more rigorous IT management methodologies into their enterprise. Also we work on our client's projects and bring our expertise in these various IT lifecycle areas to better enable the project to be successful.

Applying a rigorous methodology

Our experience has been that successful IT organizations can be defined by the maturity and rigor of the methodology they apply to manage and oversee the projects and activities of the organization. We have a breadth of experience in helping clients to apply more rigorous methodologies to managing their IT lifecycle. Whether rapid application development, iterative, or more traditional waterfall models, we focus with our clients on putting in place the right control frameworks so that the right information is available at the right time for proper assessment and decision making. The difference between a successful project and one that fails is not that there are no or few problems, but that problems can be quickly and thoroughly identified so that correct measures can be taken. With a more mature and rigorous methodology, it is easier to detect and avoid problems

We're experienced with such industry standards as ISO 9001 and SEI's CMM. Most importantly we understand the practical aspects of these standards and how best to apply them in an IT enterprise. While certification in one or more of these standards is a measure of achievement, it is not the only objective we have with our clients. We ensure that a client's methodology initiatives are based on appropriate standards and practical considerations. We have deep understanding of ISO 17799 standards. With security being such an imperative for so many enterprises, it is important to have the policies and controls that allow for creation of a better managed environment. ISO 17799, and its corresponding British standard, BS17799, are emerging as the standard for security control frameworks, as the underpinning that a security minded organization must implement.

Having an enabling infrastructure

Along with a mature and rigorous methodology, an enterprise needs the infrastructure to support the practical application of a methodology. We work with clients to architect and put in place the appropriate tools and frameworks needed to successfully apply the methodology across the IT lifecycle. From requirements capture to configuration management to test automation, we understand what would be the right set of tools, based on the methodology and complexity of a particular project our client is looking to complete.

Getting it right up front

A critical part of the IT lifecycle is the requirements and architecture phases of a project. Spectrum especially excels in these phases by helping its clients get started in the right way. We bring a unique business experience due to our many client engagements across many industries. We have a broad and deep expertise in systems and technologies to understand what is needed to meet the needs of the requirements of the business. We work hand in hand with the client to define an architectural blueprint. We require that a blueprint is produced and has client's acceptance as accurate representation of the desired outcome.

Developing for now and for the future

We have a long track record of successful systems development and integration. We have different ways to achieve success, with all of them fundamentally based on working closely with our clients. We ensure that any of our engagements have an eye on the future and not just the "here and now" of getting the project done. We will work to construct an architecture that leverages existing assets and develops additional leverage-able assets as appropriate. This can not only bring better rates of return but as well position product or system for its evolutions that are more flexibly accommodated.

Bringing it all together with quality

Ultimately, the success of a project is measured not only by the functionality it has, but also the quality it demonstrates. Based on its IT lifecycle management experience, Spectrum can help clients define a total quality management approach to ensure that quality is part of every phase of the IT lifecycle and is a requirement from the start. This includes defining requirements that can be tested, so that test plans can be produced to validate that requirements have been implemented as expected. We work with clients on implementing software quality assurance tools that enable quality assurance to be conducted in reliable and efficient manner. Test automation and robust regression test suites can be a reality with Spectrum's experience in testing approaches and tools. Ultimately, we're there to help clients to ensure quality throughout the IT lifecycle.

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