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Delivering Enterprise - scale messaging solutions


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is recognized as the means to achieve better flexibility and greater productivity of enterprise IT resources. We have expertise required to build a solution according to the SOA principles, using the standard protocols (SOAP/WSDL/XML, as well as WS- family of Web Services - related security protocols) that allow for modular services development and easier integration as the system grows.

We also have experience building adapters that enable legacy "pre-SOA" systems into the SOA world, and to integrate "traditional" messaging systems into a SOA - based environment.

Distributed applications and messaging system integration

We have successfully delivered multiple projects that required integration of existing front office with back office and legacy systems, including older mainframe database and systems. We have successfully expanded legacy systems' functionality with new Web Services - based front-ends. This even makes legacy systems available for front office business process workflow.

To Clients in the financial community we offer unique expertise in dealing with XML - based SWIFTNet message formats, as well as with FIN message formats. We have efficient solutions for run-time parsing and processing of these data.

We have a comprehensive "traditional" middleware experience including: TCP/IP, UDP, TUXEDO, MQSeries, X.25, all UNIX IPC, CORBA, J2EE, TOPCOM, HTTP and screen-scrapping tools for legacy integration.

Workflow management and Business Process Monitoring solutions

We delivered to several of our high-profile clients successful solutions based on use of data-driven workflow. We have specific expertise in building fast and flexible workflow engines controlled by data from messages in XML format.

We can help with implementation of Business Process Monitoring (BPM) - based solutions that integrate workflow management, messaging with data content - based routing, and data synchronization and transformation. We analyze specifics of the vertical applications that a client wants to manage with BPM tools, and IT infrastructure that BPM will augment/replace, and help to choose the business areas where BPM implementation will bring the surest and most noticeable results. We then help to choose the set of BPM tools that match the task at hand, and implement integrated solution that incorporates off the shelf tools and custom components.

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