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Security Architecture and Systems

Spectrum has extensive experience in security architectures and secure systems developments. We successfully implement complex solutions that encompass third-party products and custom developed components. We are experienced with solutions that have built-in security that is hardware or software based. We deliver stand alone solutions, as well as complex integrated systems with real time bidirectional connectivity to legacy systems so that legacy assets can be available to the enterprise in a secure manner.

Our experience is evidenced in our work with our clients that operate with stringent security requirements, and, at the same time, require high-performance, integrated, and user oriented systems. We are able to help customers achieve their security objectives by working hand and in hand with them to understand their needs, develop a comprehensive architecture, chart out a plan, and apply our expertise in ensuring that security is carried out throughout the IT lifecycle.

Our Areas of Security Expertise Include:

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): We understand the practical issues and key differences in both higher assurance (e.g., near real time certificate revocation, full certificate lifetime support, and, custom certificate usage policy creation), and lower assurance (mass deployment of certificates, delayed revocation checks, limited certificate lifetime support) infrastructures.

We offer unique expertise that are required to help financial enterprises to implement solutions based on - 3SKey - SWIFT's new security token and infrastructure. 3SKey allows organizations to use the same security token to communicate securely with multiple external providers. We possess the expertise necessary to incorporate 3SKey both into securing existing products (such as Treasury Workstations, secure email, digital signature and non-repudiation solutions etc.), as well as to build new custom applications that benefit from the unique features of 3SKey.

User Authentication and Authorization

Secure Software Development

. Network security for intranet, internet, and extranet based infrastructure

Certified Secure Data Delivery

Hardware Security, Smart Cards

Auditing for security compliance

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